Ive been working on lyrics for a new song were tracking this weekend called “The Things You Thought” and although I have the melody, the lyrics or the story isn’t clear to me just yet, so I dropped it for tonight and finished out the lyrics for a song I wrote years ago, Albert. It really came together well and kinda saved my night because for a second there I thought I ran out of stuff to say. I mean if you have nothing left to write about then its music with no lyrics. Anyway, we track this weekend. – Buddy

JeJune Music Video

With the help of the amazing producer Perla Rivera and the gear from Machina Cinema, we were able to put together our first new music video for Phonolux in quite some time. Not only is it the first new music video from Phonolux in forever but it’s the first stop motion video we’ve done! Check it out and let us know what you think:


Our new single “Regime” is here and we are really excited about it. I guess, it pretty obvious that we would be excited about all of our releases but this song has a little “fight” in it that we are bringing to the small screen hopefully soon. Check it out now wherever you stream music and let us know if you dig the throwback Little Richard feel.

Still creating

So yes, this is the first time in years we have recorded new music. Like we mentioned before, we are releasing a whole album spread out throughout the year and hopefully releasing a couple of music videos along with it. We hope you are excited for this journey we are about to go on and we know there isn’t a whole lot going on here on our website, so make sure you are following us on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. – Buddy


So this month marks the release of our first new single “Jejune” and b-side “Letters Make Words”. These are older Phonolux songs that we never properly released but here we are. Hopefully y’all dig em. – Buddy

A New Beginning

So, we’ve decided to restart the band. It’s a big undertaking and not something we came across lightly. Unfortunately not all the original band members were available and into the idea of making music together again but that’s okay. Along with myself and original member Art Guillermo Jr., we’ve got new additions, Art Romo on guitar and Armando Mora on bass (Mando was in the last incarnation of Phonolux). We technically don’t have a drummer, so Art Guillermo and I will be tackling drums on the recording session. If and when we decide to play live again, we will need to look for a permanent drummer. Anyway, this year we are going to release a new song a month, or at least thats the goal and maybe even make a few music videos. Lets see how it goes. – Buddy