Vultures Musc Video

Our latest music video has been released and here we are again stirring the pot. This time we are shining a light on everyone and not taking sides. What the video explores is the concept that evil takes many shapes and is never purely dark. Evil people can do amazing things and this is part of their allure. Hopefully this video makes its way in front of many eyes.

We cant wait until we can get together and shoot a video with us in it but for now, animated 16 bit characters will have to do.

Vultures lyrics and Albert coming soon

We just knocked out the lyrics for Vultures and although we all aren’t in the same room it’s still a good feeling to be tracking and creating new music. I am doing more and more to write about themes and ideas that mean something to me and also serve the song of course. Vultures is no different. I hope someone is listening to the lyrics because a lot is being said below the “cool” melodies. Vultures will be released in August and we will do a big push marketing wise to make sure the tune reaches as many ears as possible.

Albert is being released next week. This is an extremely personal tune for me and I hope it reaches the listeners I intended it to. – Buddy

The Things You Thought

If we ever got something right, I think this song is it. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike any other tunes we’ve made over the years, in fact there’s a couple that I really like, but for years I’ve been trying to “find” my voice and I think I’ve finally gotten as close as ever. I knew we had something special when I went to track vocals and nailed it. The band always kicks ass but I think sometimes the vocals can either be the cherry on top or hold back a song and I think the vocals are finally a great addition. Today marks the release of our music video for the song and that in itself was a HUGE undertaking and achievement. Thank you to everyone involved that made this video a success and we really hope everyone digs the song and video. You can see the video here:


So I’ve been very excited about this next tune for a while, it really reminds me of classic rock and specifically Fleetwood Mac. Icons, is now available and now we didn’t get to make a music video for it but a small teaser animation was put out and well listen and let us know what you think. It’s available wherever you stream music. – Buddy

Aztec Couch Sessions

So it finally happened, Phonolux has performed together for the first time in years…sort of. So our friend Libby who works with the Aztec Theater asked us if Phonolux wanted to perform for the Aztec Couch Sessions, which in our current day and age, is the kind of musical entertainment that is all the rage due to COVID. Of course we said yes and we put together this awesome four song performance. Art and I shared drum duties and it was tracked all live. I think it came out pretty great and it was a fun time making live music again. You can see the video here:

The Vying

And here we go. The Vying was another older Phonolux tune that we dreamt up in the secret lair years ago. It’s a great tune, solid sound and really feels very spooky. Originally we had an awesome idea for a music video but it didn’t pan out, mostly due to the Corona virus and all the crap that has come along with it. The album art is from a picture of my grandfather post WWII with some ghostly images edited in. We hope you dig the song, you can find it on Spotify and anywhere else you stream music. – Buddy

2020 So Far

Needless to say 2020 has been crazy so far. The whole world is turned upside down and for us creative types thats either a really good thing or a really bad thing. The need to create grows stronger everyday and although I can use my time to write new riffs or come up with interesting melodies it sucks that the band isn’t together in a room working on tracking or new material. All this being said, we’ve had a very productive start to the year, all things considered. To date, we’ve released 4 new songs, 2 music videos (one stop motion and one animation, two forms of art that we had never done before) and we are continuing with our campaign of releasing one new single a month. Our fan base is growing and our music is hopefully connecting with our listeners. – Buddy

The Mourning

This is not an April fools Joke! Our new single is here and it’s very pop rock. Not to say that as a negative but I didn’t realize how pop it was until I heard the final product. Check out the album cover art painted and designed by my brother who is also a musician. We know there isn’t much content on here but who visits websites anymore, no offense to whomever is reading this, we love you! But make sure you are following us on all of our social media outlets and listen to our new tune, it’s streaming everywhere.

REGIME music video!

Well here it is. After too many hours or animation and so many crazy ideas the finished product has arrived. Now this marks another first for our band, as this is our first ever fully animated music video. Now, fair warning, the music video is pretty controversial and we just learned that Facebook won’t let us promote it either because of it’s political nature but it deals with issues that are timely and we figured what the hell. Check it out here:


With all thats going on in the world we are doing our best to stay creative and tracking new music. We made a lot of progress last week, tracking drums, bass, vocals and guitar and we will continue this coming Sunday. Lots of work is being done on our upcoming music video, which itself is kind of amazing because it the first time we do a music video that is 100% all animated. So, to all our fellow musicians, stay creative and keep making music. Talk to y’all later. – Buddy

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